I don't think I'll ever find any other teacher who explains better than you 😔

L. Keng - Student

Obtained A∗ (93%) in IGCSE Extended Maths

Katherine came into my room yesterday after tuition and told me that she is finally “getting it”. She is particularly motivated by the “stories” you tell her about how formula are derived and she says she can understand the subject better. She says she has never met a teacher who is able to inspire as much as you do. Your passion in what you do is very motivating.

Ms. Chan S.P. - Parent

I liked how you would always explain and derive equations and also solve mathematical problems not just by following the formulas. You make maths seem logical and sensible by helping us understand what the formula actually means and how it can be used in real life. You helped me understand and love maths while most of my teachers only teach ways to score.

Mr Ramesh thank you so much for teaching me and helping me improve my maths since form 3, I couldnt have gotten to where I am today without you. Thank you so much 🙏😃🙇🙇

H. Ka - Student

Achieved A in PT3 Maths
A in SPM Additional Maths

Hi Mr Ramesh, I got 98% in both Math and Add Math. I have to say thank you for taking the time to always explain everything to me in such detail even when you didn't need to and could've just gotten me to memorise all the formulas 😆 (which thankfully you didn't!!)

I'm grateful that I've come to appreciate math a lot more under your tutelage, and I've decided to take double math in A-levels...

K. See - Student

Attained 6 in Checkpoint Maths
A∗ in IGCSE Extended Maths
A∗ in IGCSE Additional Maths

Hi Mr Ramesh, I got an A∗ in physics and an A in maths, thank you so much for your teaching and guidance! Couldn’t have done it without you

C. Lim - Student

A-Level Maths & Physics

Hi Teacher Ramesh! I got 97% for my Extended Maths !! Thank you teacher for all your help, few years ago I never thought that I would achieve this mark. Your guidance really helped me and I see Mathematics so differently than I used to. Thank you so much!!

P. Hong - Student

Obtained A∗ in IGCSE Extended Maths

Hi Mr Ramesh, I got an A∗ for Maths. Thank you for all your support and guidance throughout, making sure we understood the concepts behind what we were learning and walking us through all our questions. Thank you

Tio L.Y. - Student

A-Level Maths

Sir, YOU have done so much for Batrisya. YOU played a very important role in turning Betty into an 'A' Student. How you motivated and encouraged her since high school made a difference. Appreciate and Thank you always for your extra effort, patience and kindness.

Ms. Lyana - Parent

Daughter took A∗ in IGCSE Extended Maths
A in A-level Maths

U r a lifesaver as u have taught him so well. He is very relieved with his results.

Ms. Wong M.K. - Parent

Thank you Mr Ramesh. Esha scored an A. She was very shaky but with your motivation and coaching over those 3 months, she managed to do well. Thank you so much!

Dr. H. Kaur - Parent

Daughter attained A in IGCSE International Ext. Maths

Val got A∗ (92%) in her Physics - the highest mark in her exam. Physics was her highest grade overall. Thank you!

Ms. Gan - Parent

Daughter achieved A∗ in IGCSE Physics

You'd always be the reason I do Maths the way I do now. Your explanations helped my understanding even now...

Naim - Student

Attained A in SPM Add Maths
A in A-Level Maths

I really love your Maths class. I am sure I can do well if I were to do the work and take the exam. Your classes have a lot of moments of oohs and ahhs!

Ms. Goh G.K. - Parent

Daughter & son achieved A∗ (97% & 93%) in IGCSE Extended Maths

You're not like other teachers, just following the book. I can see that you're really teaching him Mathematics.

Mr. Azlan - Parent

A very big thank you for coaching Grace, teacher. Your kindness and support made a big difference in Gwen. Without you, I guess she will not be able to achieve it. Thank you so much.

Ms. C. Chin - Parent

Daughter attained A in IGCSE Extended Maths
A∗ in IGCSE Physics
A in A-Level Maths

I am a Mathematics & Physics tutor and I help children to overcome difficulties with learning Maths and Physics and eventually attain mastery of these subjects. I have been doing this through long-term coaching programs, catered for groups, individual students and private learners. Depending on your requirement, these coaching programs could be conducted in-person or online.

Coaching Programs

Level Subject A-Level
Further Maths
Additional Maths
Additional Maths


All in-person group classes are conducted in Kota Damansara.

Program Length

Most of the above programs are typically 1-2 years, depending on the program type.

Group Size

Maximum class size is 10 students.

Session Duration

Depending on the level and the kind of class, each session will be 1.5 to 2.5 hours.

Online Classes

As the Covid-19 pandemic ravages on, online classes have become the only safe and viable means for students to continue their learning. I switched to online classes immediately as lockdowns were imposed in March 2020. Although coming from a software background, I had my doubts about online learning, more so with group, online classes. But surprisingly, my students have fedback there is little difference between the effectiveness of my in-person and online classes. Many of them who have learned through my tutoring programs mostly online, have performed exceptionally well in their exams, scoring A∗ and A.

No doubt, nothing beats in-person classes, but with proper planning, discipline and focus from the tutor and students alike, online classes can and do work!

Individual Coaching

These are typically 1.5 to 2 hour sessions. I generally recommend group programs as they generally provide a more dynamic and motivating environment for learning, at a lower cost. Individual classes are typically more suited for private exam candidates or students with special requirements.

Teaching Style & Values

You're teaching like how a school teacher should be teaching and my school teacher is teaching like a tutor. You should be teaching in our school! Student

I have always strived to be an educator working towards making his teaching style and scope, more and more comprehensive.

There are some values that I have adopted and practised in my own education journey. I try to impart these values to my students as well:

  • • Build strong understanding of the fundamentals and build on top of them

  • • Seek deeper understanding

  • • If you can't explain it, you've yet to understand it

  • • Remain curious - stay hungry for knowledge

High examination grades must come as a natural result of thorough mastery of a subject; it's not only by learning how to tackle exam questions (and calling it smart-studying). Learning should be holistic - not just to score the highest grades in exams.

Illuminating the subject matter and making it as clear as possible, I emphasize relatively a lot more on theory, along with problem solving and thinking skills.

About Tutor

I am Ramesh Kumar, a full time tutor teaching Mathematics & Physics. Graduating from University of Malaya with a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, I was initially doing engineering work in the electronics manufacturing, oil & gas, and telecommunications industries.

Eventually, I moved onto working with software and computers. For over two decades, I wore the hat of a software professional. I was fortunate to be able to satiate my apetite for tech work during those times. These days, I tinker with some software development and web development as a hobby.

Teaching, on the other hand, has always been in harmony with how I am wired at the core. Even while working as an engineer, I was tutoring part-time. Helping others dissect and understand subjects I am passionate about, gives me a feeling of contentment and happiness.


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